a trip to ikaria, greece...via oakland
Saturday, February 18, 2012 at 3:13PM
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So I haven't been to the Greek Isles yet (on my to-do list) but I kind of felt like I was there in a recent stop to Ikaros Greek Restaurant in the Grand Lake district of Oakland.  The restaurant was just lovely, family owned and a great vibe.  Sure, we weren't surrounded by beautiful beaches and white-washed villages, but that's ok.  

Ikaria is a small Greek island named after Icarus, who, according to Greek mythology, fell into the sea nearby after his wings of wax melted because he flew too close to the sun.  I guess he should have listened to dad on that one.

I started out with a delicious Greek coffee.  Not too sweet, but just sweet enough.  Talk about a blast of caffeine.  This is how coffee should taste.  Careful of that last sip though, it can be a little murky!

Our appetizer was truly fantastic, something I'll definitely come back for.  It's called tirokafteri, which is a spicy feta cheese spread made with peppers, olive oil and spices.  The pita bread that Ikaros serves is really tasty, too.

Did I mention how tasty this dish was?!

We ended up at Ikaros because I was having a massive craving for a gyro, so that's just what I ordered. The pita bread was soft and warm, the gyro meat was perfectly spiced, and the tzatziki (a yogurt based sauce with cucumber, amongst other delicious things) was amazing...and I love a good tzatziki.  I will definitely be back to get one of these again!

My husband ordered the lamb souvlakia - skewered lamb, marinated with fresh herbs and cooked over an open flame.  I got the rice pilaf with my gyro and he ordered the french fries.  They were perfectly cooked, crisp on the outside and nice and soft on the inside.  Good choice, hubby.

Sadly, there was no room for dessert after everything we ate and we only had a small taste of the deliciousness offered at this restaurant.  After our experience here, I'm quite confident that everything will be just fantastic.  

If you're in the neighborhood and are looking for a lovely meal in a lovely restaurant, give it a try.  I'm inspired to book my trip to the Greek Isles now!

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