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I'm Hillary. I'll start off by saying I'm not a chef.  I actually don't have any experience working in restaurants, well, besides a dive bar that served Miller Lite, fried fish, along with brats and burgers while I was in college.

While I'm not a chef, I love food. I wake up every day thinking about what I want to make for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I love cooking and I love eating.  I can do without the dishes though.  

A couple of favorites - wood fired pizza with a cracked egg on top...actually, almost anything with an egg on top,  chipotle peppers, creamy macaroni and cheese, chili, warm bread with lots of sweet cream salted butter, an original Wisconsin brat, spicy chicken tikka masala, a hearty kale salad and fish tacos. I also really love blood oranges and strawberries. 

I'm thrilled to share some of my favorite recipes through this blog - all of which are quality tested by my loving husband, I might add. My goal is to use great ingredients and make food that just plain old tastes good.

Thanks for visiting, stick around awhile, and let me know what you think of my recipes. 


Fancy and Complicated?  No.

I think it's fitting that this is my first blog post. When it comes to cooking, it's my humble opinion that Julia Child really figured it out.  Good fresh ingredients and a little creativity, and you'll turn out just fine.